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Hanamiya Makoto; 17 years old; point guard and coach of Kirisaki Daiichi High's basketball team.


Eh? That’s cruel, Makoto! That’s no way to treat your senpai.

You should go back to elementary and learn some manners, work on that personality of yours you brat.

Are you expecting me to say something like ‘Ah, my bad, forgive me for my rudeness, Imayoshi-senpai’? Give me a break.

It’s not like you’re any better when it comes to personality anyway, aren’t you now?


Haha, I dunno if I can say ‘likewise’ seeing as how it really isn’t a pleasure.

In fact it’s more of a pain.

That’s great, actually. Saves me the bother of acting like I’m happy to see you of all things, tch.

And here I was thinking I’d never have to see you outside of games. Guess not.



hanamiya-makoto started following you

Well, well, if it isn’t Kirisaki Daichi High’s very own Hanamiya Makoto~.

..And if it isn’t Touou High’s Imayoshi Shouichi!

What a pleasure to see you again.