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Hanamiya Makoto; 17 years old; point guard and coach of Kirisaki Daiichi High's basketball team.


It makes me feel better to know you really mean it when you call me senpai then knowing you’re faking it…

Yes, he did help us a lot, and it was a pretty good year too. I mean, my team did win against Seirin once, and then they finally beat us, so we’re even. I’m not very bitter about the loss. And did I hit a nerve there? I’ll try to keep it in mind, but I can’t make any promises!

Yes, Rakuzan… I’m actually kind of glad that we didn’t make it too far in the tournament. I wouldn’t want to have to play against Rakuzan, I don’t know the special skill that Akashi guy has which is twice as threatening. And since he was the captain, he must be able to do something good. I am anxious to see it. Preparing for college isn’t too hard! Just… be 5 steps ahead of everyone and you’ll be just fine!


H-ha! You thought I was s-serious?! Even if it was for a moment, it’s still funny!

You know, unless, you actually did want me to be serious. Heh, don’t fall so head over heels for me!

So, does having people call you that build up your already huge ego, or something? Bother, since I’m not planning on calling you ‘senpai’ and being serious about it anytime soon.

I’m surprised you’re so casual about your lose to a fresh team like Seirin, really. I always took you more for an angry about losing kind of person than someone who doesn’t really care because you’re ‘even’ or whatever else. Tsk, tsk, guess I was wrong- And why, hit a nerve? Of course you didn’t, why would I be bitter that they were too fucking stubborn to go down? Tch.

Rakuzan sounds like a monster to beat, really, considering that they won Winter Cup multiple times even without that God awful midget. Hell knows how much he improved ever since our last match and how many tricks he has up his sleeve, too. Seirin is pretty much screwed, unless they prance in with some new skill that will blow everyone off their seats, or whatever. Either way, it’ll be interesting, to say the least~

And you’re annoying as hell, you know~ Things like that are more annoying than anything, especially coming from the likes of you.

Oh, and like hell I’d actually want you to be serious. There’s nothing to fall head over heels for, anyway, so don’t get too full of yourself~


Haha.. Yeah, but I guess.. the smaller things you shouldn’t really fake. Like calling me senpai, it sounds weird if you don’t mean it especially coming from you.

Hm, yeah. Because of him, we’ve hardly had any loss. Well, except the one with Seirin, but if you’re going to use that against us, I will have to remind you that you too lost to Seirin. And don’t think I didn’t notice the little fit you threw at the end.

Oh, you heard about it? Yeah, I did retire from the team. I was planning on staying a bit longer, but seeing as how we lost… Now I really don’t have anything else to do except study, I was planning on watching the match between Rakuzan and Seirin, that is… If they make it far enough, and I believe they will. Getting ready for college isn’t too much of a bother, when you get there, you’ll see.


We can plan it out later, pick a time and place and we’ll talk. Oh no, I’m not worried about myself, not one bit! So, until then, it’s a date~.


Hn. Now that I think of it, why does it matter to you that much if I mean it when I call you ‘senpai’ or not? I didn’t think you’d care so much about it, Imayoshi.

..I guess he’s useful for something, then. I mean, after he joined, Touou did become rather well known despite being as good as non-existing for the last few years. Your match with Seirin was quite intense though, ha, ha. On another hand, don’t ever mention that, would you?

Things like that spread around fast, I suppose. Besides, it was pretty easy to guess that you’d leave the team after your team lost to Seirin. And isn’t Rakuzan that grand school which won Winter Cup for the last few years? Seirin will have their hands full, especially since Rakuzan has Teikou’s oh-so-great ex-captain~ It’ll surely be.. interesting, to say the least..
Preparing for college, on the other hand, will be more boring than anything. [rolls his eyes]

I guess that wouldn’t hu-

..Wait, oi. A date? Stop joking around like that, would you? I actually thought you were serious for a moment, Imayoshi.


It’s not very respectful if you don’t mean it. If it’s not true respect then don’t fake it. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be talking about ‘true respect’….

Oh no, trust me, it’s not possible. You’ve only seen him from the sidelines yes? Wait till you actually see how he plays up close… Ah well, I suppose I’m giving him too much credit. I don’t think he can play against an entire team on his own anymore, so we’re there to back him up—or rather— I used to be there. He still has the rest of Touou, though!

Ha, too much can mean whatever you want, Ha-na-mi-ya~

I await the day we have that match!I would never expect the oh-so great Hanamiya Makoto to go easy on us, and don’t expect us to go so easy on you either. It won’t be much of a party if we just went easy on each other.

Oh, we’ll see about that… Try not to get caught in your own web, kay?

If it’s not true respect, then don’t fake it? Well, that’s quite amusing. Considering it’s coming from you, of all people, anyway. You’re hardly honest about things like that yourself, aren’t you now~

Che, unfortunately. Of course, watching him play from the side isn’t as good as playing against him, but it’s enough to give me a fair idea of what his style is like.
..Anymore? You sure are giving him a lot of credit nonetheless. Despite him being an idiot, I guess he was the so-called ace of the Generation of Miracles for a reason. And that reminds me, you retired from Touou, have you not? Getting ready for college must be a bother~

I suppose that makes two of us – looking forward to the match, that is. And it wouldn’t be any fun if the ever-so-brilliant team of Touou High didn’t play at their fullest against us.

And you should really worry more about yourself than me, Imayoshi. 


You know, if you don’t mean it you shouldn’t call me Senpai..

Ah, but it’s because Aomine is so easy to read that he’s actually not does that make sense? No? That’s what I thought, it really shouldn’t make sense. Don’t think you can easily look down on him just because he’s dumb, I mean, I don’t look down on you. Too much..

You know things just happen! Haha, by the way, I’d like to have a match against you one day. Maybe I could convince the team to let me back in for a day and challenge you guys… I would love to see how your web works up close. Or at least we should have a 1-on-1 sometime.

Ah. First I’m supposed to “respect my senpais”, then I’m not supposed to call you that- Make up your mind already, Imayoshi.

Just because he’s so easy to read that he’s pretty unpredictable doesn’t mean it’s not possible, especially for me. Patterns like this aren’t really hard to figure out if you have the right information.
..And what is that ‘too much' supposed to mean?!

Che, anyway— A match between our team and Touou wouldn’t hurt, I guess. When it happens, I’m sure you’re not expecting us to go gentle on you, Imayoshi~ You’ll be in my web before you know it.


Oh? I thought you could tell, well I guess you’re not as smart as I hoped.

That’s quite disappointing.

Well, you know it’s quite hard to break Aomine. Like I said before, it’s kind of annoying! He’s not some sort of putty, he rarely ever listens and even if he does get tangled in that web of yours, he’ll get out using brute force. I guess he’s the epitome of brawns over brains.

It’s kind of hard to… ignore the fact that Aomine’s pretty stupid. I’m sure everyone knows how dumb he is. They just don’t say anything since they’re… too scared.

My, you’re hurting my pride, senpai.
It’s too bothersome to try and read what you’re thinking about, so why bother? I have better things to do.


You’re giving me too little credit. My web is tougher to break out of than you think, especially with that ‘brute strength over brain’ attitude Aomine has. The more chaotic they get, the easier they are to read, even with that formless basketball of his, or whatever people seem to call it nowadays~

What is there even to be scared of? He’s an utter and absolute imbecile, no matter how you look at it. …Now that I think of it, how did that idiot become the main topic of our conversation again?


I do know better, kouhai. But looks like you can’t tell when someone’s kidding.

Hrm, who says I’m underestimating you~? I understand you can easily put up a fight, I’m just saying… My ‘ace’ would still most likely win, he’s so stubborn it’s kind of annoying. And I’m not saying that because I’m biased, no.. I know what you’re like, Hanamiya. Oh well, if you wanted to win against him in something, challenge him to a mental/intelligence/strategy competition. I know you’d win in that.

With someone like you who’s into those mind games of yours, it’s hard to tell when you’re not joking, senpai. 

Ah, ah, you’re forgetting something. If I can break him, he’s not worth much more than trash, no matter who he is - whether from the Generation of Miracles, or Uncrowned Kings, or anywhere else. Besides, challenging someone dumb to a mental competition would be rather boring.

That aside, are you openly acknowledging that your ace is an idiot? My, that’s new.


Even after I basically saved your life, you’re still so rude. Oh well, maybe I should’ve let Aomine beat you up.

Too bad it wouldn’t have made you the least bit respectful though.

It’s almost like you’re believing I’d actually be grateful for ‘saving my life’, whatever that means. I thought you knew better, senpai?

Besides, even if you didn’t intervene, your “ace” wouldn’t beat me up just like that. You’re underestimating me.



Sorry, was worthless garbage more appropriate?

Oi, don’t pick a fight here now because both of you are gonna lose.

Hanamiya, don’t look so sour! You should be used to being called worthless trash by now, right? And Aomine, you can leave this guy to me. If you wanna duke it out, do it later.

Besides, we were having such a nice conversation.


I’m this close to cracking your skull open, Imayoshi. This close. But fine, having you around is better than that stuck-up prick, anyway.


 Oi, Imayoshi. Don’t waste time with such useless trash.

Excuse me?

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